Tanya Logan
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Tanya Logan

is available for speaking engagements and Bible Study leadership.She has been published in numerous devotionals, magazines, and books.




Christian author Tanya Davis Logan hails from Tennessee. Her latest book, Come Back to Jesus--and Don't Bring your Blackberry can be purchased wherever books are sold.

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Clicking the book cover takes you to the Amazon sales page, or click here to read about the book here on the author site.

Tanya has written 4 books, co-written one, and ghostwritten many more. She is married to Mickey Logan of Michael Logan Appraisals. They have no children together, but they have far too many pets.    

Tanya has been a columnist for the Kingsport Times-News since 2005. "I write not to find out who I am, but because I have something to say," she says.

Sharing the joy of a loving relationship with Christ is a particular passion, and the written word allows her to think before speaking. Her devotionals have appeared in The Upper Room, Evangel, and Devotions for the Deaf.

"Happiness can mean different things to different people. I'm happier right now than I've ever been in my life. I want that to spill over to others. I want to show them what God can do with their lives."

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Come Back to Jesus-And Don't Bring Your Blackberry

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"You have no idea what reading this meant to me. I finally see that someone understands what I am going through. 

- Clara, CA -

"I really enjoyed the study. Thanks again for sharing your ideas, insights, and personal struggles with us."

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